Olivia Rose

Lyrics: Ronnie Penque
Music: Ronnie Penque

A song first played by the New Riders of the Purple Sage in 2006, written by bassist Ronnie Penque.

Do you know Olivia Rose?
Do you know the way the story goes?
Good things will come to those who know
Angels sometimes fly down this low

She's been gone all day, you know she's gonna do it her way
People calling all night, I ain't got nothing new to say
A change of heart is all that she's feeling
And that's OK, that's OK

Smile for me Olivia Rose
Butterflies are landing on your clothes
Ever since the day that you came
I knew life would never be the same

I bought you a picture for your table
I'm lying on your floor trying to write my song
You'll be getting home whenever you're able
Don't take long, don't take long

Come on let's go home, Olivia Rose (note 1)
No one's listening here, I supose
Step softly here lies a dream
I saw you in my Life Magazine

People try saying you're better off now, this way (note 1)
But I don't think so, 'cause I know how you loved each day
Apple of my eye no one's gonna touch you
Not today, not today

Straight to the heart, Olivia Rose
The world is at your feet and you know
You are the warm morning sun
you blew in like the breeze and you're gone

The phone's been ringing and Blue's been singing in the hallway
But you don't answer, I'm dying just to hear you say
We'd do it all again if we only had the chance to
Every day, every day

Straight to the heart and she knows
Straight to the heart and she knows
Straight to the heart and she knows
Straight to the heart and she knows
(1) these two verses are not in the version on "Where I Come From" but have been included in live versions.

     Date Album
     2009 Where I Come From New Riders Of The Purple Sage
     2010 Only Road Home Ronnie Penque Band


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