The Old Crossroad

Lyrics: Bill Monroe
Music: Bill Monroe

Apparently played by Jerry Gracia with Old And In The Way. It does not appear on setlists or tapes, but is mentioned in an article in Rolling Stone in April 1973:

"Marin County's newest bluegrass band, Old and In the Way, was playing at the Lion's Share in San Anselmo, California. ... The four picked and sang close harmony through more than a dozen fast-paced numbers, including Bill Monroe's "The Old Crossroads," "White House Blues," and "Panama Red," a Rowan tune."
Oh my brother take this warning
Don't let old Satan take your hand
You'll be lost in sin forever
You'll never reach the promised land

The old crossroads now is waiting
Which one are you going to take
One leads down to destruction
The other to the pearly gate

One road leads up to heaven
The other goes down below
Jesus our saviour will protect you
He'll guide you through the old crossroads


Soon your life will be over
You'll have to face the old crossroads
Will you be ready then my brother
To shun the one down below



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