Old Coast Highway

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Rob Barraco

Released on The Dragonflys' CD. In his journal for 18 March 2005, Robert Hunter wrote:

"Due for release, a bunch of new tunes I co-wrote with Rob Barraco, before he left the band. Rob is a sophisticated composer with strong progressive jazz credentials. Some of the tunes are right in the pocket; my favorite,"Old Coast Highway" raises goosebumps.
Believe that I will take the Old Coast Highway
Leave route 101 near Half Moon Bay
Make it on down to San Juan Capistrano in time to pray
Did we save it all up to throw it away?

Well if you and me pull together
I know we could find a better way
Lovin you the way I do what else can I say?
It shouldn't have to end this way

Guess we're going through the next transition
Acting like the world is just a stage to play on
I been throwin sevens damn nearly every time I roll
Betting next to nothing but my soul

But if you and me pull together
This love of ours could be a work of art
Just going through the motions never got us very far
'Fraid to lose our heads and risk our hearts

Cinnamon cologne, french fries and roses
Jelly roll stripped clear down to the bone
"Sophisticated Lady" on a vintage gramophone
Played across a hand cranked telephone

Darlin' make my bed both soft and narrow
Don't you bury me in the cold cold ground
Just drop me atop some bright blue misty mountain
Where soaring hawks and eagles circle round

Believe that I will take the Old Coast Highway
Tool on down the wide Pacific shore
Nothing in my rear view mirror but sunshine through the rain
They don't make 'em like they did no more
Singing "nananananana, nananananana"
Sleep beneath the stars by candle light
Underneath a willow with a cactus for my pillow,
Till every single star falls from the sky
     Date Album Recorded By
     2005 When We All Come Home The Dragonflys

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