No Time

Lyrics: Dolly Hopkins
Music: Nicky Hopkins

Played by Nicky Hopkins with Jerry in the JGB in 1975, invariably following an instrumental, "Lady Sleeps".

The lyrics below are from Nicky Hopkins' recorded version: he seemed to muddled/repeat some of the lyrics in live performances.

Got no time to waste my life
Got no time to play the game
Life can be such a tragedy
And to you all players are the same

Got no time to live in dreams
That's all you've left me with it seems
Wasted too much time in doing things for you
I don't believe you know lies from truth

Now that it's gone
Just how long
Until I find
A place in life
Where I can find myself
And rest my weary mind

You know that music says it all
Some hasty climbers have to fall
In admiring greatness we can rise again
The world can't see its greatest man

Can't play alone
Been too long
Now I must find
Another key
To help me say the things I feel
And hope it helps someone to see

This time the band should get it on
We've played in shaddows far too long
It's time for us to believe in what we do
If we want anyone else too

Consider every day as [bluest] day of life
Admiring greatness there's the chance to rise
None with the JGB. Nicky Hopkins recorded it on his 1975 Mercury LP "No More Changes."

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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