Noah's Breakdown

Lyrics: [none]
Music: Noah Crase

An instrumental played by Jerry Garcia with the Black Mountain Boys in Fall 1963. Composed by Ohio banjoist Noah Crase in 1957. It wrongly appears in some setlists as "Noah's Blues".

It was introduced by Jerry Garcia, fooling around:

"This next tune is an instrumental, called 'Go down to the Roundhouse, mother, they can't corner you there'".
Anothe band member
"No, no, you got it all wrong, buddy. This is a teenage love song that we've turned into an instrumental, and it's entitled 'They can lock me up in jail for loving you, but they can't keep my face from breaking out'".
"It was written by one of the greatest bluegrass musicians, Elmer Liverlung Cablampud, the grand-daddy of bluegrass."
Jerry Garcia Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     10 Jan 1964 Before The Dead Black Mountain Boys


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