Like A Long Time (No Tomorrow)

Lyrics: Ron McKernan
Music: Ron McKernan

One of the songs recorded by Pigpen for an unreleased solo album. It circulates under a variety of titles, including "Like A Long Time", "No Tomorrow" and "Look Over Yonder"

Look over yonder tell me what you see
Ten thousand people looking after me
I may be famous
I may be no one
But in the end all our races are run
Don't make my race run in vain
Seems like there's no tomorrow
Seems like all my yesterdays were filled with pain
There's nothing but darkness tomorrow

If you gonna do like you say you do
If you gonna change your mind and walk away
It don't seem to matter anymore
Don't even ask me the time of day 'cause I don't know

Don't make me live in this pain no longer
You know I'm getting weaker not stronger
My poor heart can't stand much more
So why don't you just stop talking
If you gonna walk out that door
Start walking

I'll get by somehow
Maybe not tomorrow, but somehow
I know someday I'll find someone
Who can ease my pain
Like you once done
Yes, I know
We had a good thing goin'
Seemed like a long time
Seemed like a long time
Like a long time
Like a long time

I, I didn't realise what was happening
I didn't realize what was happenin' to my life
Till it was almost too late to save it
When I needed you

[My tape cuts here: following from other lyrics sites]

I needed you to lean on
You took my love and never gave it
Well this time is goodbye, so long
Maybe I must say, "take care and goodbye, so long"
Goodbye little girl I'm gone

You can go out and take your love
And give it to anybody
Who but a fool like me, would take it?
And maybe if they got a strong, strong heart
Then your love won't break it
But I'm gone, goodbye so long


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