Night Of A Thousand Stars

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Phil Lesh

A new Hunter/Lesh song, written in 2001 and performed by Phil Lesh & Friends.

Full moon rising over Alcatraz
Hangin' there like a big topaz
Ruling this night of a thousand stars
With a back seat full of broken guitars
Raised in chains by Jehosaphat's daughter
Served twenty years for walkin' on the water
Just out fishin' for love in the rain
From an easy chair in the passing lane
If I had forgotten, I'd remember well
The fruit and the tree from which it fell
Many long years rollin' homeward bound
Goin' hell-for-leather on this merry go round

Night of a thousand stars
The sound of sweet guitars (note 1)
On this night (on this night)
On this night (on this night)
On this night (on this night)
On this night of a thousand blazing stars (note 2)

Down in the laundry with my head in my hands
Doin' whatsoever the Lord commands
Poppin' the hood off a Ford V8 (note 3)
Disguised with an out of state licence plate
Payin' my taxes in whiskey and blood
Mixed in a barrel floating on the flood
Doing my penance for a life of crime
Singing B Minor Masses in double time
The tiger and the lion hanging on the wall
Between the head of a saint and a bocce ball
I've been rebuked and I've been scorned
But I can't ever say that I haven't been warned


I tried to serve you right
I tried to serve you well
It looked all right by morning light
In hindsight - who can tell?
I don't know what to tell (note 4)
Truth or farewell

Flipping though the pages of my soul (note 5)
My heart rears up and swallows me whole
These were moments of my life
Since dissected with a thick blunt knife
If I could recapture one moment of truth
From the firm foundation of a misspent youth
I'd fall like rain on this thirsty earth
A testament of beauty and worth
But if it don't happen because it can't
I hope and pray this wish you grant
From one man's heart to a falling star
We always remember who we are

Remember the night of a thousand stars (note 6)
When love swam naked in the reservoir
Writing mad sonnets in the midnight park
Leaving tracks of tears for her watermark
Drums of the jungle on the edge of night
Only you could see with your perfect sight
If you don't remember you can be excused
'Cause it could never be reproduced

(1) reportedly. Joan and Phil sang "the sound of cheap guitars" after some duff notes on 8 July 2003
(2) Phil misses out "blazing" in this line (as compared with the Hunter lyrics published on Phil's site)
(3) it sounds to me as if Phil sings "Popping the head of a Ford V8" not "... hood ..." as in the Hunter lyrics
(4) Phil doesn't sing these two lines
(5) Phil misses out the first four lines of this verse in live performances (thanks to Bill for spotting this)
(6) this is the order of as Phil sings it. The Hunter lyrics have this as a bridge before the third verse.
     Date Album Recorded By
     Dec 2001 Warren Haynes Presents: The Benefit Concert: Vol 3 Phil Lesh & Friends
     studio 2002 There And Back Again Phil Lesh & Friends
     3 Apr 2002 KCBO Studio C Vol 14 Phil Lesh & Friends

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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