A Message For Roger

Lyrics: Robert Hunter?
Music: [none really]

In the interval of a broadcast of the Dead's show on 9 October 1971 (Keith's first show) there is a short recording in between the Garcia & Lesh interviews that has been described as a "tone poem" by Hunter. It isn't in fact clear to me that it's Hunter declaiming the text, though the piece does sound a little like Barbed Wire Whipping Party. (Thanks to Jesse Jarnow for drawing this to my attention)

I thought I heard a baby crying (note 1)

Roger has reverted back to [?] in the [space warp]
What will happen next?
Listen for Part 3 of a Message for Roger

[weird music starts]
Roger, we tried to warn you
You should not pull that lever
You're out now
[Or] time away
You may never be here again
You may be lost [as of] last Wednesday
But Roger remember
All time is [this life]
And Roger there's [chance]
Come to now boy
In your [cap stool]
Amongst the myriad wonders
You may still [buy in the way re-torn]
Roger was free to roam
Oh Roger
Roger is [his], now these dreams

A message for Roger
Part the third
Roger, Roger, Roger, Roger
Roger, Roger [etc]
Robert, can you read me, this is Roger
(1) this is a line from Morning Dew


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