Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Lyrics: Larry Williams, Johnny "Guitar" Watson
Music: Joe Zawinul

Recorded by Bob Weir with Bruce Melvin's Nightfood, but seemingly never played live. Also played as an instrumental by the New Riders of the Purple Sage and in 2015 by Phil Lesh & Friends with Stanley Jordan.

My baby she may not look
Like one of them angels been sent from above (note 1)
She got something much greater than gold
Crazy 'bout that girl, she got so much soul

She got the kind of loving, kissing and hugging
Sure a lot better, glad that I'm her fellow
You know she knock me off my feet
Have mercy on me
She knock me off my feet
There is no girl in the whole world
That could love me like you do

My baby when she walks by
All the fellows go 'mmmm', and I know why
It's simply 'cause that girl she looks so fine
And if she ever leaves me, I would lose my mind


Have mercy
Have mercy
Have mercy
Have mercy
Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy
Mercy on me

Everybody in the neighborhood
Will testify that she sure looks good (sure looks good)
She looks so fine, so super fine (so fine)
And if she ever leaves me I would lose my mind


My babe (my babe)
Talkin' 'bout my babe (my babe)
Looks so fine (so fine)
(1) other versions have "Like one of those bunnies out of a Playboy Club"

Bob Weir Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     1988 Nightfood Brian Melvin
The song was originally written as an instrumental by Joe Zawinul, who was the keyboard player for Cannonball Adderley at the time. Larry Williams and Johnny "Guitar" Watson added lyrics in 1967.


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