Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Alex Koford

A new song by Alex Koford, with lyrics by Robert Hunter, played with Colonel and the Mermaids and with Phil Lesh & the Terrapin Family Band.

Alex Koford introduced it on 16 February 2019:

"One of my favourite songs I've written. It's a cool story. Ross [James] and I play with Phil, Phil Lesh. And we have the privilege of getting our hands on some of Robert Hunter's lyrics that were given to Phil. And I ended up writing a song this year that kind of fell into place with those lyrics perfectly. Andevery time I play it I feel really appreciative of the fact that not only that I got the chance to do something like that, but the fact that it worked out the way that it did, and fit together so well, like a puzzle. So this song's called Mercury. I haven't really officially asked Hunter. But they were given to Phil, and Phil gave me the OK. I haven't recorded the tune or anything. I think it's probably OK that we play it live."
The lyrics on the recordings I've found are hard to make out. Any help gratefully received.
I don't want to talk to you
There is something on my mind
I'm having trouble sleeping
And you know I'm not that kind

But [really] when I fall asleep
Comes the strangest dreams
Trying to tell me something
And I don't know what it means

I see your [flight of sparrows]
Catch [fighting] on the wing
I see a mighty tower fall
Then [talk on] everything

I see the generation's [feel]
On [cross of] naked fear
A child looking cross wise
Through a shining frontier

Facing towards the north lands
Of rubble, stone and bone
He says this could be heaven
In a voice [I've just sung]

And I awake in darkness
I can't sleep no more
That's why I called you up here
At a quarter after four

Writing lines on postcards signed with fire (note 1)
High, low and under every rock
Even asked directions of the lightning
They won't say 'cause it don't talk
It don't talk

I've got lessons to be learned
And lessons I could teach
About the strains of branches
And fruits just out of reach

Cups that slip from hand to lip
Tears too cold to cry
Worlds too far to travel
But not to far to try

[?] lingers
In the ashes of the night
But I am just a singer
Of things cold, dark and bright

Walking up and down in search of heaven (note 1)
High, low and under every rock
Writing lines on postcards signed with fire
Believing every word
Believing every word that I write

I can walk on water
I can walk on sand
I will walk on air
To meet you where you stand
(1) these verses vary in different performances of the song. Some lines get interchanged and one variant is
Walking up and down this restless highway
Sleeping in a sunrise overnight
Writing lines on postcards signed with fire
Believing every word that I write
Believing every word that I write


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