Lyrics: Kinsman MacKay
Music: Kinsman MacKay

On this road I know my heart's on it's own
Less travelled road always brings so much pain
Because the name of the road is change
Wherever we even prophets don't know
The heart travels only where it chooses to go
So keep please your faith and your prayers with me
I'm just a man where I need to be

In the thoughts of midnight
These thoughts of you
In my heart for the rest of my life
My memories of you
The destination my heart takes me
The less I'm told, the less I see
I know it's a home that will have no fear
And leave me secure and never disappear
It's still unclear what the future will hold
Promises soon, it will start to run home
No matter how far my heart will ever roam
I'll never forget how love is first known

In my thoughts every night
     Date Album Recorded By
     2004 At The Table Heart Of Gold Band


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