Lyrics: Chuck Berry
Music: Chuck Berry

Played by the Heart of Gold Band with Keith and Donna Godchaux (note 1).

As I motivating over the top if the hill
I saw Mabellene in a Coup de Ville
Cadillac running on the open road
Nothing outrunning my V8 Ford
Cadillac doing about ninety five
Bumper to bumper, rolling side by side

Maybellene, why can't you be true
Oh Maybellene, why can't you be true
You done started back doing those things you used to do

The Cadillac pulled up ahead of the Ford
The Ford got hot and wouldn't do no more
It then got cloudy and started to rain
I tooted my horn for a passing lane
The rainwater blowing all under my hood
And I knew it was doin' my motor good


The motor cooled down the heat went down
And that's when I heard that highway sound
The Cadillac sitting like a ton of lead
A hundred and ten half a mile ahead
The Cadillac looking like it's sitting still
And I caught Mabellene at the top of the hill


Oh Maybellene
Oh Maybellene
(1) Also played by Jerry Garcia with the Great American String Band at the Marin County Bluegrass Festival on 27 April 1974 (DeadBase wrongly lists it as being played by Old And In The Way).

Donna Godchaux Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     Dec 1979 Heart of Gold Band Heart of Gold Band (note 2)
(2) also on Double Dose


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