Marriott USA

Lyrics: Joan Baez
Music: Joan Baez

This was played once by Joan Baez with the Dead on 12 December 1981. Thanks to Matt Schofield for the lyrics. This song normally appears in lists as "You Won't Find Me", but the official title is "Marriott USA. It was recorded by Joan Baez with Jerry Garcia and Micky Hart and released on the box set "Rare, Live and Classic."

My name is Chaffey, I'm from Marriott, USA
I'm a high school graduate and I'm looking for a way
To chase my future down and lay it at my feet
So I can answer all the questions of my old friends on the street

I lie awake at night and I think about the year
The petty victories and all the hidden tears
And about the girl I loved who had to set me free
She said she'd never marry anyone undisciplined as me

And the Marriott Daily is delivered to my door
It brings the outside in and I've seen it all before
Though all my golden dreams and all my brazen schemes
May scatter like a raibow on the open seas
Oh no you won't find me, staring down an M16
You took my brother from the Marriott High School all-star team
You took my brother from Marriott and from me

My dad's made window shades for twenty seven years
He's had his share of laughter and an equal share of tears
And I still live in the second room of my parents hall
My brother watches me from the solitary frame upon the wall

Mom tends the garden and occasionally perms her hair
She's not political she sticks to her own affairs
But they voted the cowboy in and they think he's doing fine
He's created some very new and interesting, innovative lines


We celebrated when they came home from Iran
We tied a buch of yellow ribbons on the van
Drove into Marriott went into church and prayed
But secretly I asked the Lord if this is how heroes are made

And speaking of heroes a word about my dad
Son of mine take your time for now you're all we have
And if you refuse to go I'll support you all the way
And this will surely be a very first in Marriott, USA

     Date Album Recorded By
     1993 Rare, Live And Classic Joan Baez

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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