Lyrics: Julia Butterfly Hill
Music: Mickey Hart et al

This is a poem "Offerings To Luna" performed at a Seva Foundation benefit concert to the tune of "Endless River" from "Supralingua." The poem was written by Julia Butterfly Hill when she was living on top of a 200 year old redwood on California's north coast in protest against old-growth logging.

A tree
A life so many years gone by
History bound in each new ring and every scar   (note 1)
I lay nestled in Her arms
I listen to all She has to say
She speaks to me through my bare feet   (note 2)
My hands
She speaks to me on the wind (on the wind)
And in the rain (in the rain)
Telling me stories born long before my time

As only Ancient Elders know
Passed to me through Nature's perfect lips
She cries
Her overwhelming grief
Sap that clings to me
To my soul (to my soul)
I wrap my arms around Her
Offering the only solace that I know
Giving myself as the only gift I have to give
A pitiful offering
To a Goddess such as this
But of myself
It is all that I have to give
(1) Rebeca Mauleon says "... with each new ring ..."
(2) Here she says "... her bare feet" which makes less sense

     Date Album Recorded By
     1998 Supralingua Planet Drum
     1999 Sing Out For Seva Planet Drum


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