Long Gone

Lyrics: Don Reno
Music: Don Reno

Played by the Good Old Boys in 1975, with Jerry Garcia sitting in on banjo at one show.

Long gone is how I'm leaving
Long gone, why do you cry
This is what you wanted baby
So I'm gone, long gone

I have tried to make you happy
Still you say I've done you wrong
Oh I'm giving up my darling
So I'm gone, long gone


Please don't try to overtake me
What I ride will be too fast
This is it, we're through forever
I'm gone, I'm free at last

     Date Album Recorded By
     21 Feb 1975 Goold Old Boys - Live Good Old Boys (note 1)
      1976 Pistol Packin' Mama Good Old Boys (note 2)

(1) with Jerry Garcia on banjo.
(2) without Jerry Garcia.

Other versions have additional verses:
Please don't shed no tears at parting
For your tears will not atone
After all the pain you cause me
I'm gone, long gone

Now if I find this to be true, dear
I want you to please understand
When I return don't say you're sorry
Just keep on loving another man


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