A Little Piece For You

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Phil Lesh

A new song unveiled by The Dead on their 2003 Summer Getaway tour. Thanks to Bret at Philzone for the lyrics - which were subsequently posted online on the Dead's Summer Getaway site (not now available).

I will never get out in one piece
Those aren't the terms of my release
Since that's the case, I've thought it through
And decided to leave a piece for you

A piece of my vision, a piece of my brain
To fight your battles once I am slain
A piece of my heart I never touched
A piece of my soul, though I can't spare much

A piece of blue from me to you
See the sky when night is through
See the moon hanging full and low
Off the Coast of China, or wherever you go

I'll be with you, in spirit at least
Every time glory rises in the east
When sunlight splatters down Rampart Street
And the last cool breeze tastes oh so sweet

Down Memory Lane, today is still tomorrow
Yesterday another source of sorrow
Come what may, today is only borrowed
It may not be returned from whence it came

Here's a piece for you, another for your friend
Here's a piece for everyone, line forms at the end
Here's a little piece for you
A little piece for you
A little piece for you

Salt and sand and river tide
Ties that bind but to divide
A drunk passed out on the lower East Side
Trailer park in flames
Identifying marks of blame
Dissolved in sudden rain

Warmed in the cradle by the hammer of the sun (note 1)
I never looked up to see what I had won
It wasn't much in silver, smaller yet in gold
It could soothe the heat, but never touch the cold
Never touch the cold

Here's a piece for you (note 2)
Just a piece from me to you
Here's a piece of blue (note 2)
When the night is through
(1) Phil (and Joan) sing "Rocked in the cradle ..."
(2) these two lines don't seem to be sung

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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