A Little At A Time

Lyrics: Red Malone, Ralph Stanley
Music: Red Malone, Ralph Stanley

Payed by Jerry Garcia with the Log Cabin Boys in a one-off performance in 1986. They discuss the song anf Garcia says he only knows the chorus, which he sings.

I find myself a gazing at the sky
I'm waiting for my darlin' to return
But all I see is just an empty sky
You love me just a little at a time

You only want me when you're sad and blue
And no one else around to hold you tight
When someone else is there I'm left behind
You love me just a little at a time

Now I don't care if you're sad and blue
I knew someday that time would change the tide
Now I no longer want your love sweetheart
Not even just a little at a time

     Date Album Recorded By
      1969 Mountain Song Favorites The Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys


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