Let Me In

Lyrics: Gene Crysler
Music: Gene Crysler

The Grateful Dead played this on at least a couple of occasions in 1969 and 1970. Versions sung by Weir also feature (a) on a tape known as "The Garage Jam" from 1970 (see below for more details) and (b) as a studio rehearsal on 21 November 1970 with Garcia and Duane Allman.

The lyrics from those versions are (thanks to Matt Schofield):

A little boy knocked on the warden's door at Sing Sing, then in tears
Said "Sir, I understand that 83968 lives here
Well, he's my daddy, sir, and I just got to be near him
And if you can't let him out then you just got to let me in"

Let me in, let me in, 83968's my dad
I watched them bury mama
Now he's all in the world I have
I can break your little rocks with a hammer in my hand
I just got to be near daddy, Mr Warden please let me in

Well I checked through California, Alcatraz out on the rock
From Folsom on to Leavenworth, no one had my pop
When I found this newspaper clipping in my mama's souvenirs
And now I'm here in Sing Sing, 83968 lives here

KSAN broadcast
This version was broadcast on KSAN in July 1970. Pete Sears has confirmed that the playes were Weir, Garcia, Sears and John and Mario Cipollina. Although it is known as the "garage jam", it was broadcast live from the KSAN radio station's record library. See here for the recording, with Pete Sears' comments. (thanks to Simon Moulds for alerting me to this).

Porter Wagoner recorded this song on his 1966 LP "Soul Of A Convict (And Other Great Prison Songs)"

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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