Let It Rock

Lyrics: Chuck Berry
Music: Chuck Berry

The Grateful Dead only played this once, on 23 June 1974, but Jerry Garcia played this often with JGB or other groupings. More recently, it was played by Phil Lesh & Friends in 2012.

Way up in the evening, down in Mobile, Alabama (note 1)
Working on the railroad with a steel driving hammer
Got to make some money, buy some brand new shoes
Try to find somebody take away these blues
She don't love me here, I'm singing in the sun
Payday's coming and my work is all done (note 2)

Early in the evening when the sun is sinking low (note 3)
All day I've been waiting for the whistle to blow
Sitting in a tee-pee built right on the track (note 4)
Rolling them bones 'till the foreman come back
Pick up your belongings boys and scatter about
We got an off scheduled train coming two miles out

Everybody's scrambling and running around (note 5)
Picking up the money, tear the teep-pee down
Foreman was in panic, 'bout to go insane
Trying to get the workers out the way of the train
Engineer blowing the whistle loud and long (note 6)
Can't stop the train we got to let it roll on
(1) Chuck Berry sings "Well in the heat of the day, down in Mobile Alabama"
(2) Chuck Berry sings "... when my work is all done"
(3) Jerry sings "Later in the evening ..." in his solo recording
(4) Jerry forgets the words here
(5) Chuck Berry sings "..scrambling and jumping around"
(6) Chuck Berry sings "long and long" on the recording I have, but that may be a mistake

Grateful Dead Recordings
     23 Jun 1974 From The Mars Hotel (note a)
Jerry Garcia Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
      1973 Compliments Of ... Jerry Garcia (note b)
     27 Feb 1975 Jerry Garcia Collection, Volume 1 Legion Of Mary
     18 Nov 1975 Jerry Garcia Collection, Volume 2: Let It Rock Jerry Garcia Band
     31 Dec 1975 Garcia Live Volume 5 Jerry Garcia Band
     29 Aug 1987 Electric On The Eel Jerry Garcia Band
     31 Oct 1987 Pure Jerry 2: Lunt-Fontanne Jerry Garcia Band
      6 Sep 1989 Fall 1989: The Long Island Sound Jerry Garcia Band (note c)
     16 Sep 1989 Garcia Live Volume 13 Jerry Garcia Band

(a) issued as a bonus track on the version in the box set Beyond Description (1973-1990). Also released on Dave's Picks Volume 34
(b) also on the compilation The Best Of Jerry Garcia
(c) also on the album Shining Star

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography
For online chords and TAB see www.rukind.com


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