Lazy Tiger Rag

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

Cucuburu Boogie and Coatamundi Cakewalk
Lazy Tiger Rag moving easy to a slow rock
Don't know how to do it?
There could be a reason why
I never taught you how but
now I'm gonna try

Lazy Tiger Rag, good people
Lazy Tiger Rag

To do the Lazy Tiger first you gotta move it slow
Never cross your feet, never let 'em leave the floor
Climb a ladder with your hands
At the top you slam the gate
while you shake your money-maker in a lazy figure eight

Lazy Tiger Rag, good people
Look at that tiger go

Stationary ride, don't forget to crack the whip
Make the Lazy Tiger pick it up a little bit
When you got him moving
crack again and make him rip
Here's what you have to do
if he gives you any lip

Step hard on his tail
Make the Lazy Tiger moan
Only thing he wanta do
is lay around at home
so kick him out of bed
Gotta teach him how to shag
Gotta hit him on the head
if you wanta make him rag
Chase him through the back door
out into the street
down around the corner
to a Lazy Tiger beat

Lazy Tiger Rag, good people
Lazy Tiger Rag
Lazy Tiger Rag, good people
Ride that tiger home


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