Lay Your Love

Lyrics: David Diamond, Billy Capozzi
Music: David Diamond, Billy Capozzi

A Zen Tricksters song played by Donna Jean and the Tricksters

Still dancing in the spotlight's heat
Still dancing in the spotlight, girl
Still feeling what the music says
Still playing with the same old melody

You're driving in the fast lane's world
You're driving in the fast lane, girl
You're faking what you used to feel
You're going through the motions everyday

Lay your love
Lay your love upon me
Shine your light
Shine your light down on me

Still cryin' all those bitter tears
Still cryin' over lost years, girl
Still fooling all the people that you know
Still rocking with the same old song and dance

You're running through the cold rain's fall
You're running through the cold rain, girl
You're blinded by what you cannot see
You're blinded by the visions in your mind

     Date Album Recorded By
     1998 The Holy Fool Zen Tricksters


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