Lay Down Sailor

Lyrics: Brian Lesh
Music: Brian Lesh

Introduced by Grahame Lesh with Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Family Band in November 2017. It was written by Brian Lesh, not Grahame: in a Reddit thread in 2018 Grahame Lesh said "Brian also recently wrote us a song called Lay Down Sailor that we debuted in Chicago in November."

Lay down, down by the old canal
The sailor comes in to the dock with a astory to tell
Long night, waiting for the moon to look bright
Dreaming of a girl I knew so long ago

Oh the wicked wind, blowing cold again
Wrap up your coat and walk on down the road

It's quiet around, it's quiet as the ladies come now
Waiting for the band to finish their old refrain
Hear the story begin, I dream a lot of [?] sing
I listen to the tale of a world I've never known

Tell me now sailor, please, where have you gone on the seven seas
Is there a land where I can make my fortune alone
More than you know, mnore than you can ever go to
Sailor, can you try to ride the wind


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