Last Ten Years

Lyrics: Tom Circosta
Music: Tom Circosta

A Zen Tricksters' song played by Donna Jean and the Tricksters

Ten years later I stand alone
Beatin' my brain for a rock and roll song
I guess everybody's gonna wait and see
If I'm just finally gonna be with me
With me, with me

I don't know why but she had to go
Can't say how but she had to know
The winter mornings seem to freeze
Memories gone with the breeze
They're gone, memories are gone

Off to the coast where I needed to go
That's where I found what I needed to know
The miles we drove were fast
Movin' on to pick up the past
And find me a love like the last ten years
While the music can dry my tears

Next year that won't happen to me
Time will tell how I need to be
Hittin' the road I vow my deed
To pick up the life that I used to lead
The life, that I used to lead
     Date Album Recorded By
     2003 Shaking Off The Wierdness Zen Tricksters


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