Lyrics: John Dawson
Music: John Dawson

A New Riders song from 1971 that I assume is a John Dawson original. It has never been released on a New Riders album.

Mama always told me, be a good boy, my son
Don't go being wild and unruly
Mama always told me not to carry a gun
But mama never told me about Julie

'Cause Julie taught me how to fly
And Julie taught me how to run
And Julie showed me how to have fun
Julie showed me how to cry
And Julie made me know that I
Didn't have to die to get to heaven

I have been with Julie coming up for one year
And last Friday I got home early
Everything was just the way I left it because
Everything was there except Julie


Lord if I [?] don't mess around
And I don't know why I'm so angry
But if I find that girl I feel like blowing her down
But that leaves something crying deep inside me

Oh no, you don't have to die to get to heaven

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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