Into The Blue

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

A new song introduced by Robert Hunter on his solo tour in spring 2002.

Out of the blue, into the door (note 1)
I like your song, I heard it before
Liked it back when, better than now
But I still like it, anyhow
Makes me recall who I was seeing
Who I was being, the time of the year
It brings back the feel of hearts in transition
My current position was never so clear

Into the blue
Yeah yeah, yeah
Blue ...

Lavender blue, Amarillo Dorado
Bright golden yellow, down in your shoe
Willibo-aybo, willibo-aye
Waist deep in Summer and ready to fly
River by river, mountain by stream
From here to forever, whatever that means
Sealed with a kiss, the kind that you'd die for
Without asking "why?" for at moments like this


Wasted my youth, what else could I do
But hang out my window lookin' for you? (note 2)
Never so much, what I got into
As what I did not do, the negative touch
Gave what I could, took what I had to
At times I was glad to sleep where I stood
Drink from the bottle, eat from the can
Crazy as bedbugs, away we all ran


Buttermilk sky, Coltrane and coffee
Night Train and Joffe, sleep bye and bye
Gravity's Rainbow, Sketches of Spain
Rapping like bandits, feeling no pain
Do you remember?, I know that you do
The way it comes at you, like a bolt from the blue
The way it backs off, then dwindles away
'Til nothing remains, and there's nothing to say


Out of the blue, into the door
I dig your song, like I told you before
Love how they play it, again and again
It's everyone's favorite, it's always Top 10
If I had my way, I'd sing it too (note 3)
Maybe we all would, maybe we do
Willibo-aybo, willibo-aye
Into the blue, blue, blue of the sky
(1) on the recording I've got, Hunter sings "Into the blue, out of the door"
(2) Hunter sometimes varies this as "... waiting for you"
(3) on the recording I've got, Hunter ends like this:
If I had my way, I'd play it too
Maybe we all would, maybe we do
Williebo-ay, willibo-aye
Waist deep in summer and ready to fly
Williebo-ay, willibo-aye
Waist deep in summer, not ready to die
Into the blue
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Blue ...
Blue ...
Blue ...
Into the blue

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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