The Infinite Eye

Lyrics: Dave Brogan
Music: Dave Brogan

Sung by Dave Brogan with Phil Lesh and others at Dan Lebowitz's 40th birthday bash at Terrapin Crossroads in 2014.

I know you got a list of hopes and dreams for your life
I know you want to make six figures, but you only make five
If you make seven, you'll be in a place of heaven
On the right side of God, maybe being a martyr on a tactical mission

For the infinite eye
Come on, yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah

I know you're gonna want some things you see while you're alive
Some day you're gonna get to live your dreams, now you only get five
The tales that's telling, the emptiness that's selling
Shadows of your life, looking through the lenses of a practical prism

Feel the infinite eye
Come on now
Oh the infinite eye
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I know you got a lot of love to feel while you're alive
Sometimes it gets hard to know the deal, but you gotta keep trying
Teachers teaching the prophesies he's preaching
Shadows of your life, see the light of the world with the magical vision

Oh yeah
Oh the infinite eye
Come on, yeah, yeah
Ooh, the infinite eye
Ooh, the living lie
     Date Album Recorded By
     2008 Thunderbird Sun Transformation Dave Brogan


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