I'm Troubled

Lyrics: Traditional
Music: Traditional

Played by Jerry with the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band and with David Grisman. Not to be confused with Trouble In Mind, also played by Jerry Garcia.

I'm troubled, I'm troubled
I'm troubled in mind
If trouble don't kill me
Lord I'll live a long time

Courting is pleasure
And parting is grief
But a false hearted lover
Is worse than a thief

For a thief will just rob you
And take what you crave (note 1)
But a false hearted lover
Will lead you to the grave


And the grave will decay you (note 2)
And turn you to dust
Not one girl in a hundred
That a poor boy can trust

They'll hug and kiss you
And tell you more lies
Than the cross ties on a railroad
Or the stars in the sky


I'm going to Georgia (note 2)
I'm going to Rome
I'm going to Georgia
Gonna make it my home

I'm gonna build me a cabin
On the mountain so high
So the world bird and the turtle dove
Will hear my sad cry

(1) in the version on "Been All Around This World" it sounds as if Garcia sings "And take what you save"
(2) Garcia doesn't sing these verses in the version on "Been All Around This World." He also sings the last verse at both the beginning and the end.

Jerry Garcia Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     29 Aug 1987 Electric On The Eel (bonus disc) Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
     28 Oct 1987 On Broadway: Act One Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band (matinee)
     28 Oct 1987 On Broadway: Act One Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band (evening)
     31 Oct 1987 Pure Jerry 2: Lunt-Fontanne Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
     27 Nov 1987 Almost Acoustic Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
      Dec 1991 Grateful Dawg Garcia/Grisman (DVD) (note 3)
      199? Been All Around This World Garcia/Grisman

(3) included as a bonus track on the DVD of the movie "Grateful Dawg" (but not on the soundtrack CD). Also included on the compilation "Acoustic Disc - 100% Handmade Music Vol 6"

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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