I Saw Her

Lyrics: Wilson, Jordan, Wilhelm, George Hunter
Music: Wilson, Jordan, Wilhelm, George Hunter

I have included this song just so as to clear up any confusion. It's often attributed to Robert Hunter. But the Hunter who co-wrote it is George Hunter, who founded the Charlatans.

I saw her as she came and went
And she was queenly, meek and mild
As innocent as any child

A flower among flowers
Among her flowers content

I dream again and in her place
A silence and an empty room
And in my heart a sudden gloom
That I no more may see her
No more may see her face

There was a word I might have said
But what it was I do not know
I let my times pass me by, oh
Now I must say it to her
Must say it to her dead
     Date Album Recorded By
     1976 Shake Some Action Flamin' Groovies
     1996 The Amazing Charlatans The Charlatans (note 1)

(1) the version of "I Saw Her" was recorded sometime between 1965 and 1968.


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