I Didn't Know You

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

I saw you
leaning from a window
the one you keep
shuttered in your soul
I didn't know you
I really didn't know you
I thought I knew you
I really didn't know

I saw you
along the avenue
lost between
the pavement & the street
Didn't know you - so
tough and bittersweet
like a poor man's child
stealing just to eat

I saw you
forgot to keep it hid
Your high blown dream
open for a bid
Got a chance to see you
See you where you stood
I'd like to know you
I don't know if I could

I heard music
that keeps you on your feet
Saw places you would fall
if you ever missed a beat
The places you could rise
light as thistledown
Places you could fall
unnoticed to the ground

I saw you
as you really are
at a crossroad
underneath a star
I didn't really know you
Really didn't know you
Could I love you?
I can't say yes or no

I saw you
through an open door
a shadow fell
then I saw no more
but I remember
How could I forget?
After all these years
we finally really met


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