I Can Heal You

Lyrics: Jake Holmes
Music: Jake Holmes

Played by the New Riders of the Purple Sage in the 1970s.

Angel Faith was a preaching girl with eyes ablaze like fire
She saved her congregations with passion and desire
A lovely, lovely child, a delicate white flower
And everyone from miles around knew Angel had that power

I can heal you, I can heal you
Just believe in the power of love
I can heal you, I can heal you
Just believe in the power of love

Willie [Seems] was a lost soul, a man who felt ashamed
He tried love so many times, but love just never came
A handsome lad, looking up at life, but love had cooled in his heart
He came to attend that night to find a brnad new start


He stood up to testify, and their eyes met
She raised her soft brown arms in prayer and kissed her amulet
Everything around him seemed to disappear
She whispered I can heal you, but I can't do it here

Then later on that evening, out behind the tent
She held him strong and listened long to his sad testament
Then a sea of love came rising up and carried them away
Now he's a true believer on his resurrection day


Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah
Just believe in the power of love
New Riders Recordings
     Date Album
     1977 Who Are Those Guys?


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