Lyrics: Torbert, Kelly
Music: Torbert, Kelly

Played by Bob Weir with Kingfish

Soft dreams, hey summer nights
Wind blowing gently through cloudy skies
I see that moon shining in your eyes
Hypnotize (ooh hypnotized)
I'm hypnotized (ooh hypnotized)
Yeah hypnotized (ooh hypnotized)

Hey girl what's on your mind
I want to love you all the time
You tell me mama what you want me to do
I'll make love and sing my song to you
(Together) together

Soft sighs, moon and sun
Laughing together, being as one
And like the rhythym of the changing tides
We're hypnotized
We're hypnotized
(yeah hypnotized)
(yeah hypnotized)
Bob Weir Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     studio 1976 Kingfish Kingfish
      ? 1977 Live 'N' Kickin' Kingfish
Other Recordings
      ? 1977 A Night In New York Kingfish

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