High Horse

Lyrics: Jeff Mattson
Music: Jeff Mattson

A Zen Tricksters song played by Donna Jean Godchaux Band with Jeff Mattson

He came here to court but his speech was cut short
And impaled on a fine point of order
Left with no choice he lowered his voice
And laid down his sad heart there before her

�Your highness, I fear, has left you unclear
Your eyes cannot see what's before them
They're drained of their light and what's left of your sight
Is fogged by the strange air around you�

�Come dismount your high horse and consider the source
Of this seismic rift that divides us
Come and peer through the haze of your half-lidded gaze
To that place where there's no one besides us�

�Come down off your throne to where it's just us alone
And step out of your shrine of pretension
For this crown that you wear is more cross that you bear
And you live just to feed its attention�

�Remember a day not so far away
When we stood at the edge of the wild
We walked hand in hand, our feet in the sand
And saw through the eyes of a child�

�But then you slipped out of range and made the exchange
For this mantle of pride you revere
Now your hands are kept clean, your face kept unseen
And you've sacrificed warm love for fear�

But she just looked away, not a word did she say
And they led him away in his sadness
Because he knew down inside if from love she did hide
She walked in the shadows of madness

A statue of a hero keeps vigil in the square
No one seems to know the names of those who put it there
Jaw bone thrusting forward, fist thrown in the air
But people love a fountain and birds live in its hair
     Date Album Recorded By
     2003 Shaking Off The Wierdness Zen Tricksters


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