He Ya

Lyrics: [none]
Music: Moreira

Performed by Mickey Hart with the Rhythm Devils in 2006. Described as follows in the liner notes for "The Other Side Of This"

This is an ancient and very effective method for cleansing and tuning your body and soul. It helps to rid the body and mind of negative patterns. It is a power- generating peice whcih you can listen to anytime, particulalry when you are depressed or low in energy. Stand up and stomp on the ground repeating the words "Hey Ya" over and over again until you feel filled with positive energy and sound. When the song ends, feel a complete release, and then, while slowly turning, use your hands to vigorously brush off your body from the shoulders down to the ground. Clap your hands and celebrate."
     Date Album Recorded By
     1992 The Other Side Of This Airto Moreira


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