Lyrics: [The Tubes]
Music: [The Tubes]

A Tubes song played by Vince Welnick with The Affordables in 1992. I think it's correct title is just "Hermuta" but is often listed as "Hermuta Bermuda".

The pilot said to the crew
We're in a screw
We're coming into Bermuda, Hermuta
Ain't sailed nor flew

Entering the sun
Warm hues and blues
Our heads was almost twisted, twisted
Clean off the ooze

My baby's got dimension
Not to mention
And we ain't even through
I tried to snap her tension
Hum silent in the blue

My baby's got dimension
Not to mention
And I'm almost through
I punctuated her spacious incision
I'm humming in the blue

The triangle elastic place
You've lost yourself in a forest
It's a blasting race
     Date Album Recorded By
     2000 Dawn Of The Tubes The Tubes


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