Heighty Hi

Lyrics: Lee Michaels
Music: Lee Michaels

Played a couple of times by the David Nelson Band. I’m not sure where the second verse comes from - it’s not in the original version.

Down the road
The other way
That's the way to go
The people say
They don't know
Where I've been
But it felt so good
I'm going again

The whole darn world
Is feeling that way
Everybody's stoned
So am I

Up and down the coast
It’s harvest time
Everywhere we go
Everybody’s feeling fine
Stay in the groove
To the Frisco Bay
Up to to Mendocino
Where the people all say

In a version in 2010 with guest vocalists Vince Herman and Chad Staehly, several additional verses were sung (again, I don’t know where they come from):
From Southern California
To the Humboldt Bay
Clouds so bright
We’re here to play
The sky is blue
With the fields of green
Receive the message of

All our friends dancing
[By the bar]
It’s the Nelson Band
Boogie down by the bar
From Humboldt County
[Is nobody go]
All over California
It’s a harvest festival

I swear I seen satellites
Flying out of the sky
Christmas lights all twinkling
Out there on the vine
[?] running through the room
Or passing through my mind
I love harvest festival time
     Date Album Recorded By
     1969 Lee Michaels Lee Michaels

The original version by Lee Michaels has additional verses:
Came so fast
But it didn't matter
Love had passed
I don't know
What to do
I want that girl
Away from you

Better stop, love
The other day
Somehow to me
It doesn’t seem the same
All of the people
Wonder how it could be
Sometimes buy it
The other thing is free

Let’s shake hands
With the other self
Just look aside
You’re sitting on a shelf
Just look back
You ought to see
Must be the devil
Though I think it’s me

In a dark closet
Is the place to trip
Get you so stoned
You think you're gonna flip
Don't be afraid
If you're all alone
That's how you started
That's how you're gonna go

It got stopped
It's in the slip
I get to the point
Then I split
When your group
Has come and gone
Just sit back
You'd better sing this song


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