Gypsy Rap (Clementine)

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

This is an odd piece that Robert Hunter sang in the middle of a performance of "Easy Wind" on 22 March 2003. It sounds partly improvised, partly rap/talking blues. So far as I know, this is the only occasion Hunter has performed it.

I think I'll go out, and take a little walk
Gonna stroll downtown, see what's around
I'm gonna look in the window, look in the door
Gonna look in the tree, gonna climb up the tree
Gonna see what for, gonna read my play
Gonna find my bag, gonna be my jingle in town

I'm gonna see my valentine
Sweet little girl named Clementine
Did I tell you that her shoes were number nine
And I don't know [mumbled/garbled]

I walked to her door and I knock three times
She opens it up, says will you be mine
I said, oh wait while I show you
Oh the girl that I'm looking for
Oh Clementine, [?]
[?] down the line
She said you better walk the line
You look like a boy who'd walk the line
She's said you're looking at pretty and fine
She said come on, take me outside
We'll go walking, we'll see what we can find

We're walking around for an hour or two
Getting pretty hungry, we get some stew
Get some gumbo, down at the truck shop
Painful, baby
Will you be mine?
She says
I been thinking about it
And I think we ought to go and see the gypsy
See what she has to say

So we walked down town and went into a little store
Way at the back of the drive-in store
And there's the gypsy
Looked about five hundred years old
But you know, got her earrings down to her toes
She's got a bone in her nose
And she looks like, she looks like
She knows

She said, cross my palm with silver man
And I gave her a dime, I gave her a quarter
I gave her five dollars before I got out of there
She said, I see a trip by water
She said, a white-haired man's gonna give you two contracts
She said, don't sign the first one
Sign the second one

So I walk out the door with my girl
And I see this white-haired man
He says, come here, boy
'Cause I want you to sign this contract
I said no man, you got another one?
He said, yeah, right here in my back pocket
A second contact, yeah I'll sign that one I said
Turned out I was signing aboard the good ship Dandelion
To go down to Jamaica to run - run rum

So I sailed around the Caribbean for about twenty three good years
And when I got back
I had just about the same amount of money that I had when I left
So I figured I'd go see my girl again

Easy wind
Blowing cross the Bayou today
Whole lotta women
Out in red on the street that way

Don't ask me how that story ends
'Cause I said about all I can say

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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