Golden Stairs

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Vince Welnick

A Robert Hunter lyric from "Box Of Rain" that Vince Welnick set to music

Bet five hundred dollars
Any course you steer
Someone got to argue
Can't get there from here
Easy with that road map
You're flapping in my face
You're a rock-and-roll singer
Not a minister of grace

Go down shining
Go down shine
Go down shining
Shine, shine, shine

Before you sign another loan
To free yourself from debt
Take a careful look around
To see who holds the bets
There will be no winners
May not even be a race
Just a lot of starving runners
Staring hunger in the face


Rock around the clock again
You got the time to dare
There's never any hurry
When you take it stair by stair
There are no paid vacations
To alleviate the cares
Of the hungry and the homeless
Climbing up the golden stairs


Blind and lonesome hobo
Flag the mystery train
Something that the cat dug up
Dragged out of the rain
You got all the makings of
A case beyond compare
But you don't need a licence
To climb the golden stair

     Date Album Recorded By
     1998 Missing Man Formation Vince Welnick
     2004 Texistentialism Jerry Lightfoot And His Band Of Wonder (with Vince Welnick)
     2011 Peace Meal Carolyn Wonderland

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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