Glendale Train

Lyrics: John Dawson
Music: John Dawson

Somebody robbed the Glendale train
This morning at half past nine
Somebody robbed the Glendale train
And I swear I ain't lying
They made clean off with sixteen g's
And left two men lying cold
Somebody robbed the Glendale train
And they made off with the gold

Charlie Jones was the engineer
He had twenty years on the line
He kissed his wife at the station gate
This morning at six thirty five
Now everything went fine 'til half past nine
Then charlie looked up and he saw
There was men on horses, men with guns
And no sign of the law


Amos White was the baggage man
And he dearly loved his job
The company, they rewarded him
With a golden watch and fob
Well, Amos he was marking time
When the door blew off his car
They found Amos White in fifteen pieces
Fifteen miles apart

New Riders Recordings
     Date Album
     27 Feb 1971 Setlist: The Very Best Of New Riders Of The Purple Sage Live
      1971 New Riders Of The Purple Sage
     30 Oct 1971 Glendale Train
     26 May 1972 Lyceum '72
      5 Dec 1972 Boston, MA
     17 Mar 1973 S.U.N.Y Stonybrook, NY
     18 Mar 1973 Felt Forum, NYC
      4 Apr 1973 Worcester, MA
      1975 Live On Stage
     13 Jun 1975 Armadillo World HQ
     31 Dec 1977 Winterland, San Francisco
     31 Dec 1978 Closing Of The Winterland (DVD)
      1992 Midnight Moonlight
Other Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
      1976 Middle Spunk Creek Boys Middle Spunk Creek Boys
      1976 Pistol Packin' Mama Good Old Boys
      1980 Warren County String Ticklers Warren County String Ticklers
      1985 It's About Time Hickory Hill
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     ?1995 Tradition Gunsmoke
      2000 Kentucky Home Tim Lake
      2000 Citybound Molasses Creek
     ?2000 First Stop Gone South
      2003 Live The Crabgrass Cowboys
      2005 Side By Side Al Traynor & Randy Morrison
      2007 Best Of Six Freaky Fukin' Weirdoz
      2009 Sat 730 Deadwood Revival

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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