Get On The Bus

Lyrics: [Weir, Lane, Ratdog]
Music: Bob Weir and Ratdog

A new Ratdog "song", played on 1 April 2006.

This is Gary Lambert's description:

"Just a goofy little funk thing the guys have been kicking around in rehearsals. Dunno if it's meant to ever morph into anything more, or if it was just deemed a perfect medium for an April Fool's prank. Basically, it's the title phrase repeated whenever the spirit moves, with Jay singing/scatting/rapping over the top (not sure if he was making up words on the spot). Bobby and Jeff worked out this nice catchy little horn unison, which reminded me of some 70s dance tune, the identity of which is driving me nuts right now. Weir even was getting into the general neighborhood of the right notes after they'd played it through a few times, although I doubt that he'll be causing Josh Roseman to lose any sleep over the competition anytime soon."


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