The Gates Of Däfos

Lyrics: [none]
Music: Mickey Hart

An instrumental from the album "Däfos" by Mickey Hart, Airto Moreira and Flora Purim. The liner notes give the following description:

"The Beast is a circular aluminium frame with a circumference of over twenty-five feet, from wich a group of large drums is supended. To portray the Great Sound of Däfos" the circular frame itself was lifted and dropped causing an immense reverberation.

Emerging from he caves, we approach the Gates Of Däfos. Behind the Gates lives the Great Sound, Ruler of Däfos. All worship the Great Sound. The drums roll as we approach the Gates. When they stop, the Gates open and the Great Sound appears.

The Great Sound lives nar the edge. One of its many faces is as Guardian of the Border between the senses of hearing and feeling. The initial presence of the Great Sound resonates the body with low vibrations, undetectable by the ear. We feel the power of the Great Sound, before we enter the realm of hearing. As the Great Sound continues to beckon, our ears become aware of its immense low reverberation: the voice of the Ruler of Däfos."
Mickey Hart Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
      1983 Däfos Hart, Airto, Purim


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