Funiculi, Funicula Tuning

Lyrics: Peppino Turko
Music: Luigi Denza

Played as a tuning jam by the Grateful Dead.

The original version was written in 1880 for the opening of the first funicular on Mount Versuvius. It had the following (Neapolitan) lyrics:

Aissera, oje Nanniné, me ne sagliette
tu saje addó, tu saje addó
Addó 'stu core 'ngrato cchiù dispietto
farme nun pò! Farme nun pò!
Addó lu fuoco coce, ma se fuje
te lassa sta! Te lassa sta!
E nun te corre appriesso, nun te struje
sulo a guardà, sulo a guardà

Jamme, jamme 'ncoppa, jamme jà
Jamme, jamme 'ncoppa, jamme jà
funiculì, funiculà, funiculì, funiculà
'ncoppa, jamme jà, funiculì, funiculà!

Né, jamme da la terra a la montagna!
Nu passo nc'è! Nu passo nc'è!
Se vede Francia, Proceta e la Spagna...
Io veco a tte! Io veco a tte!
Tirato co la fune, ditto 'nfatto
'ncielo se va, 'ncielo se va
Se va comm' 'a lu viento a l'intrasatto
guè, saglie, sà! Guè, saglie, sà!


Se n'è sagliuta, oje né, se n'è sagliuta
la capa già! La capa già!
è gghiuta, po' è turnata, po' è venuta
sta sempe ccà! Sta sempe ccà!
La capa vota, vota, attuorno, attuorno
attuorno a tte! Attuorno a tte!
Stu core canta sempe nu taluorno
Sposamme, oje né! Sposamme, oje n&oecute;!

An English translation is
Yesterday evening, my love, I went up
do you know where?
Where this ungrateful heart cannot spite me
any more
Where the fire burns, but if you flee
it lets you be
And it doesn't chase you, it doesn't burn you
to see the sky
Let go together, let's go there
funiculi, funicula

Let's go from the ground to the mountain, my love
Without walking
You can see France, Procida and Spain
and I see you
Pulled by a rope, no sooner said than done
we go to the skies
We go like the wind all of a sudden
go up, go up
Let's go together, let's go there
funiculi, funicula

We've climbed it, my love, we've already climbed
to the top
It has gone, then returned, then come back
It is still here
The empty empty summit, around, around
around you
This heart still sings and is not petulant
Let's be married, my love
Let's go together, let's go there
funiculi, funicula
Grateful Dead Recordings
     Date Album
     22 May 1977 Dick's Picks Vol 3
      7 Jun 1977 Winterland June 1977 - The Complete Recordings
      9 Jun 1977 Winterland June 1977 - The Complete Recordings
     24 Jul 1987 View From The Vault IV


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