For This One Hour

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Mickey Hart, Crystal Monee Hall, Tim Hockenberry, Ben Yonas

One of the new lyrics written by Robert Hunter for the Rhythm Devils (Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzman). Robert Hunter gave this account in his journal:

"I decided to look over one of the new Rhythm Devils tunes I've been having trouble with. I had an interesting, albeit negative, set of lyrics. I suddenly said to myself "Stop tinkering with it. It's not worth saying. Trash it and start over." I've Had it With You became For This One Hour and flowed effortlessly onto the page. I've always found that lyrics that give me trouble do so because the originating idea is wrong. Effortlessness is the best possible indicator of a fortunate approach; a lesson I learn over and over, each time like a new revelation. It's hard to get easy."
Also played by the Mickey Hart Band in 2011.
On top of the hill
Here are ghosts in the starlight
Sweet voices from my past
Return into night

The darkness is so vast
Slender moon like a smile
A thin teardrop of glass
I want to watch it a while

My heart has flown away
With the wind so mild
It carries me, carries me to play
Just like a child

For this one hour
For this one hour
On top of the hill
For this one hour

I'm with you again
In dreams I thought beyond recall
Of my family and friends
Gone beyond the wall

I'd forgotten how to cry
My heart has been so dry
Now at long last
It opens like a flower

For this one hour
For this one hour
On top of the hill
For this one hour
For this one hour
Mickey Hart Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     2012 Mysterium Tremendum Mickey Hart Band

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