For The Birds

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Huw Gower

Recorded by Icecream Skyscraper on their album "Mercury In Lemonade", and credited to Huw Gower and Robert Hunter. I did initially wonder if it was a different Robert Hunter, but a 2016 post on the band's Facebook page said "Grateful Dead fans please note: this Iceceam Skyscraper track, 'For The Birds', features lyrics written by Robert Hunter."

This song is for the birds that sing outside my door
This song is for the girl that won't come back no more
This song is for the clouds that always promise rain
This song is for the wail of one more lonesome train
One more lonesome train

This song is for the sun, or if it's dark, the moon
This song is for the stars that sing along in tune
This song is all I've got to chase away my blues
[If ever come maybe none,] isn't mine to choose
Seldom mine to choose

This song comes from the heart, from deep within my soul
Tune it up and play your part, this rock was born to roll
This song is not for you, in case you thought it was
That one I sung for you was only just because
Had a song way down inside, yearned to be set free
Wish I had some more to tell than this tune came to me
[?] come melody
     Date Album Recorded By
     2015 Mercury In Lemonade Icecream Skyscraper


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