At A Siding (Lesh/Hart/McPherson)

Lyrics: Unknown
Music: Lesh, Hart, McPherson

A tape has surfaced of Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Jim McPherson playing sections of Terrapin Transit, At A Siding and Terrapin Flyer in Mickey Hart's studio in 1976. Some of the tracks sound like part of At A Siding, with additional lyrics. These may be for the section that Robert Hunter wrote L'Alhambra for, but I don't know who wrote th lyrics Jim McPherson sang. They are hard to make out, so any help gratefully received.

For you my love
I play guitar
In serenade
Beneath the stars

A diamond [?] (note 1)
Madonna [?]
[Back above]
From above

The moon is full
Rises high
And passion burns
Within my eyes

Let down your veil (note 2)
But down below
And fly my dove
Fly back up

Thither my love
And come out where the shadows fall
You are my fire
Listen to my lover call

A fountain speaks
All about your loving touch
And raven hair
The things a rose to blush

Just get some night
But while it does remain as long
A chance has gone
In tomorrow morning sun

Oh my love, hear my serenade
(1) this verse appears only in only the first of the two versions recorded.
(2) in the first version, it sounds as if the lyrics are "Fly from off/Your balcony"


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