(I Want To) Fly Away

Lyrics: Barlow
Music: Weir

Played by Bob Weir with Bobby & The Midnites, and later with Rob Wasserman and with Ratdog.

Fly away, I want to fly away
Right now, right here, tonight
High away, way up high away
Hey, we all got a right
Fallen angels of earth have forgotten the sky
We're afraid of our dreams, we're afraid or too blind
But blindness holds better than chains
And chains are always too tight

Fly away, yeah, ride the sky away
Kingdom come tonight
Mighty day, yeah the stone rolls away
Chains will melt in the light
They will tell you your wings have lost the power of flight
Flew too close to the sun, fell back into the night
But if we open our eyes, we can open our wings
Hey, and sail out of sight

Higher and higher, goin' straight for the light
Feel the fire, or you'll feel the fright
Hey tonight, fly away tonight
Fly away tonight

Fly away, yeah, fly away
Right now, right here, tonight
Light of day, I want to see light of day
Way up over this night
Well, this old ball of blue will go on spinning around
If you're staying behind, take good care of the ground
Just let go of my wings, don't lock up our dreams
Don't deny us the sky, hey, we'll see you around

Master of fire
Roll 'em up high, roll 'em up high
To master the fire, remember that you can fly
     Date Album Recorded By
     Studio 1981 Bobby And The Midnites Bobby And The Midnites (note 1)
(1) also on the compilation Weir Here: The Best Of Bob Weir

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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