Lyrics: Hart and ?
Music: Hart and ?

Recorded for Mickey Hart's unreleased album Fire On The Mountain. Along with Mickey Hart, the performers include Phil Lesh, John Cipollina and Ned Lagin.

You don't see it every day
But you know it's there
Feel it's presence in the air
It's somewhere
It's everywhere
It's fear, fear, fear
I'll show you fear

If you think that I exist
Come closer, if you dare
Because you and I are there
Judgement will be fair
And fear, fear, fear
I'll show you fear

You're at the point of no return
Nothing matters any more
And your back's against the wall
Dragons at your door

You see the flames
The beast is real
The [pointing eye of ?] turns iron into steel
Closing in
The final curse, the time is near
With the naked flames and as you near

Yeah now it's hot
Time for risk
On no other day
And another test
The night is won
The moon's urging
     Date Album Recorded By
     1974 Fire On The Mountain Mickey Hart (unreleased)


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