Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

In his journal for 8 September 2007, Robert Hunter wrote:

"New song 'Fandangalero' feels like a hit. I have to remind myself I'm still in the business where that always unlikely thing could happen, though in what context I truly can't imagine. The carpenters hammering away next door (yes, even in the forest) just beat out the rhythm of my new song. Have they been evesdropping? I was singing the chorus line over and over. . . it goes: fandanga dangadangdang bang gangagangdang fandangalero. Soon the whole world will be singing it. People will come together over it, make love to it, set their ring-tones to it ... and peace will reign! What the world needs now is a major tongue-twister."
Hunter played it live, I think for the first time, on 22 July 2014 at the City Winery in New York. This is a first shot at the lyrics - grateful for any help:
There, beyond this land
There lies another
Told to me, oh me
And not be another

She said our land
Is where you go
When it's time to dance

Chorus (note 1)
Fandangalo, Fandangalero
Fandang a dang a dang dang fandang fandangalero

Long time ago
When the world was younger
Dance away the cold
[The damp] and hunger

With a fire that glows
Down the soul


[?] bajo, campanero

Turn the lights down low
Turn them way down low
Pull away now see by the moonlight
We don't need to know

Sing a song once more
Like the days before
Parlez again d'amour


[Some sense of] the Baja California
From [?] to [Sal Rewardo]
From [terra] Colorado desperanzo
On [?] Fandangalero

Dawn broke so hard
It cracked my window
With the last cold breeze
From off the willow

Santa Anna blues
The storm clouds billow
Bring along your rose coloured [?]
And both your pillows

(1) I have transcribed the chorus as it sounds from what Hunter sings, rather than using the version in Hunter's journal above


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