End Of The World Blues

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Greg Anton, Steve Kimock

One of the lyrics Hunter wrote for Zero. Recently (2020) sung by Dan Lebowitz with The Rock Collection (with Phil Lesh on bass and Greg Anton on drums).

The wind is on fire
Nowhere to go
Just the deep blue sea
And the devil below

My woman packed up
My well run dry
I lost my job
To some younger guy

I'd hit the road
But it costs too much
For a rebuilt engine
And a Chevrolet clutch

So I'll just sit here
Saving my shoes
Singing these
End of the World Blues

Well the birds don't sing
Just stutter and curse
And it ain't so bad
It couldn't get worse

The man in the moon
Frowns from the sky
The sun stares down
Like a big red eye

I ain't complaining
Just matter of fact
And a little suspicious
That the deck is stacked

So I'll just sit here
Without no clues
Singing these
End of the World Blues

Well it's dog eat cat
And it's cat eat mouse
And it's termites eating
The whole damn house

It's bills in the mailbox
That won't get paid
It's a hundred and twenty
Here in the shade

Good luck horseshoe
Above the door
Just fell on my head
But I still ain't sore

Just a little shook up
With a blown out fuse
Singing these
End of the World Blues

The sun blows cold
The moon glows hot
End of the world
Just as like as not

Gotta come someday
Why not now?
Ain't much shaking
Here anyhow

I'm gonna stick my head
Between my thighs
Pucker up and kiss
My ass goodbye

Mid-East oil
All over my shoes
Singing these
End of the World Blues
     Date Album Recorded By
     1994 Chance In A Million Zero
     2002 Double Zero Zero
     2012 Have A Heart Cast Of Clowns
     2020 Psychedelics Lauren Murphy
     2022 Naught Again Zero

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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