East Virgina Blues

Lyrics: Traditional
Music: Traditional

Played by Jerry Garcia with an unknown band at Burlingame in 1962. Thanks to Matt Schofield for the lyrics.

I was born in East Virginia
North Carolina I did go
There I met the fairest maiden
Her name and age I did not know

Well her hair was dark in color (note 1)
And her cheeks were rosy red
On her breast she wore a white lily
Where I longed to lay my head

I don't want the greenback dollar (note 3)
I don't want the big gold chain
All I want is your love darling
Won't you please come back again

I wish I was in some dark hollow (note 2)
Where the sun would never shine
Than for you to be in some man's arms
And to know you'll never be mine
(1) Peter Rowan sings this verse as part of Rosalee McFall
(2) this verse has led to many tapes listing this song wrongly as Greenback Dollar
(3) the song Dark Hollow derived from this verse

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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