Do Deny (Lying Man)

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

You say I'm a lying man
Live but to deceive
Say so to the jury, friend
And thus they do believe
I was born one reckless morn
Ten thousand years ago
Shaved and shorn, duly sworn
As down the road I go

Lying man, lying man
I deny I'm a lying man
do deny, do deny
Do deny I'm a lying man

Your truth is more than half a lie (note 1)
My tales are halfway true
I say what occurs to me
And I don't check with you
Fan the fire to cool the flames
That's all I meant to do
Just treat me as though the hand
Were on the other shoe


Make the matter short and sweet
Convict or let me go
Considering my pedigree
How could you treat me so?
I who ate with Kate the Great
On Chinese silver plate
Who shot the shit with Sherman burnin'
Down the Georgia State?


Folks believe whatever they need (note 2)
To make them feel secure
Don't cast doubt upon my word
Unless you know for sure
The Queen of Diamonds was my girl
When she was known as Lil
I never understood that girl
And I think I never will


Only thing I ever learned
Of which I have no doubt
The skin side's on the inner side
To keep the cold side out
While you curse and kick yourself
And make believe to pray
I will tell you stories of
The one that got away


Before you even say hello
Here's how we could agree
You do what pleases you
And I do what pleases me
May such friendship never end
Our cup be full and deep
May our voices always blend
In our own harmonies (note 3)

(1) on the recording on "Liberty," Hunter sings "Your truth is half a lie" (ie no "more than")
(2) Hunter sings "You believe whatever you need/To make you feel secure"
(3) Hunter sings "In perfect harmonies"

Robert Hunter Recordings
     Date Album
     1988 Liberty

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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